A Study on PHF-Tau Network Effected by Apolipoprotein E4

American Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease &Other Dementiasr, Volume 35, Issue , January-December 2020.
Apolipoprotein E 4 Allele (APOE 4) is an important factors in Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and Alzheimer’s disease(AD). It plays a primary role in abnormal modification of aggregated Tau protein-paired helical filaments Tau (PHF-Tau). In this study, 143 subjects with PHF-Tau PET were divided into 2 groups (APOE 4 carriers and noncarriers). The measurements of the PHF-Tau network properties and resilient were calculated for 2 group networks respectively. APOE 4 carriers group showed significant differences in all the network properties in the results. We also found significant differences of betweenness centrality in some brain regions for APOE 4 carriers. Moreover, the APOE 4 carriers showed less resilient to targeted or random node failure. Our results indicated that the effects of APOE 4 may lead to abnormalities of PHF-Tau protein network. These findings may be particularly helpful in uncovering the pathophysiology underlying the cognitive dysfunction in MCI patients.A Study on PHF-Tau Network Effected by Apolipoprotein E4A Study on PHF-Tau Network Effected by Apolipoprotein E4Alzheimers{$excerpt:n}