Clinical Trials Volunteer

Do you have Alzheimer’s Disease?  Would you want to be a  medical trial volunteer, assisting us in the research of new medicines for Alzheimer’s Disease?

In order to obtain a license for a new medicine, the pharmaceutical company that wants to produce it must firstly conduct research into the medicine.

We have partnered with pharmacological companies.  They have been commissioned to conduct independent medical research. This research involves recruiting suitable volunteers that will benefit to take part in the clinical trial.

The different stages of clinical development.

ClinicalTrials4Stages_471How does the registration works?

  • 1. You can register your interest via our online facility – Online Booking|Screening
  • 2. There after our registration team will call you to confirm your interest and invite you for a full medical check and a briefing on how the clinical trail will be conducted.
  • 3.  Once we confirm that you are eligible for our clinical trail, you will be invited for a briefing.
  • 4. The trial commences.
  • 5. You will not be paid for participating, but will be reimbursed for travelling and out of pocket expenses.

Why do I need to be screened first?

During this visit our team will take your medical history, measure your heart activity (ECG) and blood pressure, and take a small sample of blood and urine to make sure your liver and kidneys are working properly. Just think of it as visiting your GP for a full medical examination. If you pass the medical check, you may be invited to return for the clinical trial usually three days to one week later. Each trial is different; therefore the individual requirements for you will be different. What we can guarantee is that you will be supervised by the most experienced staff who are dedicated to maintaining your well-being here.

What is in it for me and if I am not suitable for a clinical trial, how will I benefit?

Our screening sessions are thorough and should we establish that you are not eligible for our trials, we will discuss  various options and a plan of action to address important issues that were discovered during the screening evaluation.

PLEASE NOTEWe do not accept registrations from third parties.  The type of medicine we are researching will determine your suitability to take part in our clinical trails.  In order for us to assure your safety and no risks are involved, we will ask you to give your consent for us to contact your family Practitioner, before inviting you for a screening visit.